mYstErIouS maRgO

Paper Towns is not as deep as The Fault in our Stars, but it is enjoyable. Paper Towns is the second movie based on a book (that I also didn’t read) by John Green. It has an interesting story, but there really is no comparison. Paper Towns focuses on a teen who’s been in love with a mysterious girl for a long time. By mysterious, I mean she loved mysterious. In fact, she loved mysteries so much that she became one. Most of the movie is dedicated to the teen and his group of friends as they try to track her down. So it’s one of those “it’s not the destination, it’s how you get there” type of stories. Which would be okay if the ending wasn’t such a let down. I still liked Paper Towns. In fact, I think it’s one of the more accurate depictions of teenagers in recent memory. Though I wasn’t sure if the movie was a comedy or not. So I tried to contain a few laughs. If you watch Paper Towns as it’s own separate movie, then I’m sure you’ll like it.


Margo (left) and Q (right) bond


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