Just the Bad and the Ugly

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Movies like Jonah Hex should not exist. In case you’re unaware, Jonah Hex is a DC comics character. One that that nobody’s ever heard of. Which makes the fact that they made a movie based on the character seem even more perplexing. Seriously, we live in a world where Jonah Hex gets a movie before Wonder Woman or The Flash?! As a movie, Jonah Hex was completely forgettable (I actually tried to stay awake while watching it). As a western, there are plenty of other more interesting action filled westerns (I’d rather watch Wild Wild West). And as a superhero movie, it’s very lazily thrown together. Luckily “The CW” revived the character in a better small screen capacity.

Jonah Hex on a horse

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