One Cuss of a Fox

Fantastic Mr. Fox is an odd sort of film. It’s has a more realistic look to it’s stop motion animation. Fantastic Mr. Fox is also based on a less than well known Roald Dahl book, and it’s directed by the ever symmetrical Wes Anderson. Fun fact, this was the first Wes Anderson movie that I saw. It may be animated, but it still feels like all of his other work. As I’ve stated before, Fantastic Mr. Fox is odd. Probably the oddest thing is about the movie is the fact that the characters use the word cuss in place of any swear word. Fantastic Mr. Fox is about a fox who decides to give into his animal instincts. Which leads to family problems and endangerment of the animals. The whole movie feels like a book brought to life. They literally spell out the titles of each chapter in the book. So I would say the it’s an odd movie that’s worth watching.

Mr. Fox (center) and his team of bandits


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