Diary of a Vengeful Kid

I’m glad I didn’t see Harriet the Spy as a kid, because I can’t imagine myself ever liking it. Harriet the Spy is based on an (I guess popular) children’s book. It’s also the first film from “Nickelodeon Movies.” In fact, it was released with the unaired pilot of Hey Arnold. Which is sadly the main highlight of the movie. At first Harriet the Spy just seemed like an average kids detective movie. Harriet is a self proclaimed spy who writes all her thoughts in her journal. Which I probably would have just called okay. Then something happens halfway through the movies second act. Things take an unexpected turn when Harriet’s journal ends up in the wrong hands. All of her personal thoughts about everyone (including her best friends) comes out for all to hear. Everyone in her class turns on her and, for lack of a better word, torment her. So Harriet decides to get revenge on everyone in her class. For something that she started in the first place! The best word to describe Harriet the Spy is meanspirted. Man, it was unpleasant to watch. Not the best start to “Nickelodeon Movies.”


“Can you read this”

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