City of Stars

La La Land is the musical I’ve been waiting for. A musical with terrific songs, stellar acting, and amazing visuals. After the less than worthy Chicago won “Best Picture,” I couldn’t be happier that La La Land won. Wait, it didn’t win… crap! I didn’t see Moonlight yet, but I’ll continue to think that La La Land should have won. Right from the start I could tell that La La Land was something special. It pays tribute to the beloved musicals of yesteryear. They just don’t make movies like this anymore. La La Land is about the movies (and jazz) and how hard it is to make it in Hollywood. Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling once again play lovers. Both of which are trying to aspire to there own individual dreams. Mia is a struggling aspiring actress and Sebastian is a struggling aspiring jazz singer. The only problem is, can they achieve their dreams and stay together? I absolutely love musicals and every song in La La Land is a winner. “City of Stars,” “Another Day of Sun,” “Someone in the Crowd,” “Audition (ThPicture Who Dream),” they’re all fantastically original. I’m definitely going to watch it again and again just to sing-along. I honestly cannot say enough good things about La La Land. It will always be a winner to me. As long as I heard the words Best Picture and La La Land together, I’m happy.

Mia (left) and Sebastian (right) dance together


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