Cruel Irony

The Crow is one of the darkest superhero movies of all time. Much like Twilight Zone: The Movie, it’s also known for a tragic on set tragedy. The difference being that this tragedy happened to the star of the movie. Brandon Lee (son of Bruce Lee) was killed when a bullet was accidentally lodged in a blank gun. It’s ironic because The Crow centers around a man who dies and comes back to life as the titular superhero. The Crow is another comic book character that arrived in what I call the dark age of superhero films. I haven’t seen any of the sequels, but I don’t get why they were made in the first place. The Crow itself might have been completely forgotten if not for the tragedy. The final result however, is a well crafted piece of dark fantasy that isn’t afraid to get dark. A movie that Brandon Lee might have been proud to call his final film.

The Crow sits in contemplation

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