Gitchy Gitchy Ya Ya

Moulin Rouge! is probably the weirdest movie to have ever been nominated for “Best Picture.” Like many other movies of the early 2000’s, I saw the preview a lot on vhs. Though I never really knew what Moulin Rouge! was. I just knew the trailer word for word. So I always kept the movie in mind. When I finally did see the movie, I thought it was bizarre. Bizarre because hearing a selection of old and new songs sung in the early 20th century is bizarre. This is what you’d call a Jukebox musical. Now, I like any excuse to sing, and Moulin Rouge! gets the job done. Though I don’t think the movie warranted a “Best Picture” nomination. Not that I didn’t like the movie. It’s more of a guilty pleasure. The production design is grand, the romance is engaging, and it’s so off the wall that it’s funny. So take a trip to the Moulin Rouge! This story is about love.

Moulin Rouge

Satine and Christian sing the night away

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