In Your Eyes

Say Anything… is the kinda movie that I only know about because of one scene. The famous boombox as a grand romantic gesture scene. Other than that, I had no idea what the movie was about. However, I decided to watch it when my mom said how good it was. Say Anything… is actually about two very different people falling in love. A down on his luck guy who loves kickboxing (sport of the future) falls in love with a straight A goody two-shoes. It’s a teen movie, so expect a lot of random teen struggles. I also wasn’t entirely familiar with John Cusack before I saw the movie. Probably the most relatable thing about the movie is the main character’s relationship with women. I myself can relate to hanging out with girls more than hanging out with guys. It gives you a deeper understanding of the opposite sex. All these reasons and more are why Say Anything… is worth watching. I’ll literally say anything.

Say Anything

Lloyd plays “In your eyes” for Diane

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