In Your Eyes

Say Anything… is the kinda movie that I only know about because of one scene. The famous boombox as a grand romantic gesture scene. Other than that, I had no idea what the movie was about. However, I decided to watch it when my mom said how good it was. Say Anything… is actually about two very different people falling in love. A down on his luck guy who loves kickboxing (sport of the future) falls in love with a straight A goody two-shoes. It’s a teen movie, so expect a lot of random teen struggles. I also wasn’t entirely familiar with John Cusack before I saw the movie. Probably the most relatable thing about the movie is the main character’s relationship with women. I myself can relate to hanging out with girls more than hanging out with guys. It gives you a deeper understanding of the opposite sex. All these reasons and more are why Say Anything… is worth watching. I’ll literally say anything.


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