Pray on It

Chances are, you’ve never heard of War Room. War Room is a christian drama about a mother/wife who starts praying for her husband. I’ve mentioned numerous times that I’m a christian. And as such, I feel it’s necessary to watch a christian movie every once and awhile. So does that mean I instantly love the movie. Well yes and no. Any movie that brings awareness to christian values is alright by me. Although, I only wish it was done better as a movie. The acting is best described as “beginner.” Most of the actors in the movie aren’t what you’d call traditional actors. I don’t normally use the word preachy, but yeah, War Room is preachy. It felt more like listening to a sermon than watching a movie. I think I’d recommend that you go to church more than I’d recommend watching the movie.

War Room

Elizabeth (right) and Miss Clara (left) pray together

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