Dig it Up

Holes is one of the first books that I read before I saw the movie. I read the book in my 3rd grade class. Well I mean I read it with the class at least. I remember that we even mailed a letter to the author of the book. He actually responded by tell us that he had a cameo in the movie. Holes is about a youth that gets wrongly convicted for a crime that he didn’t commit. So he has two choices, juvy or correctional camp. What makes Holes really interesting is the way it juggles three different timelines. With each one contributing something good to the story. This was actually Shia Labeouf’s first starring role. He certainly seemed to have a bright future ahead of him. It’s so good that you might forget that it’s a Disney movie. Holes is an underrated treasure that deserves to be dug up.

Stanley Yelnats covered in Yellow Spotted Lizards


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