My Mother the Stripper

Striptease is the second worst stripper movie that I’ve seen. Showgirls will always be the worst. By comparison though, Striptease probably didn’t deserve to win Worst Picture. Don’t get me wrong, it’s bad (like really bad). I just think the main reason it won was because Showgirls literally won the year before. They even have the same actress in both movies (Rena Riffel). The only difference is the tone. Showgirls is a drama that feels like a comedy. While Striptease is a comedy that wants to be a drama. I wish these stripper movies would just make up their minds. It’s not totally horrible. Some of the actors actually seem like they’re at least trying.ย Demi Moore is the only one trying to be dramatic. Which ruins the whole mood of the movie. Burt Reynolds on the other hand is so bad that I can’t believe Boogie Nights was his next performance. The most out of place thing though is the stripping scenes. All of the scenes feel like filler. Seriously, they’ll have an important scene in the story intercut with a nameless strippers performance. Sure they look good, but at what cost. A movie about a mother who becomes a stripper could have been done much better. Striptease just wastes it on cringy comedy and in your face nudity (not that I’m complaining about that).


Erin strips

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