Welcome to Earth

Independence Day is easily Roland Emmerich’s magnum opus. Happy 4th of July everyone. Since there’s literally no other independence day movie that I’ve seen, I thought I’d break my rule and review a movie with a sequel. Independence Day is the perfect summer blockbuster. It was actually the second movie I saw in theaters (and the only one I saw at a drive-thru). There’s plenty of implausible action and lots of cool disaster shots. Including the iconic shot of the White House being blown up. Independence Day may be named for the holiday, but it really has nothing to do with it. Instead, aliens invade Earth. Which just happens to land on the same day. The aliens are just the right kind of drone like attackers that a movie like this needs. Like other Roland Emmerich movies, there’s a large ensemble cast. Unlike his other movies though, all of the characters are interesting and memorable. Especially Will Smith, who makes the movie really entertaining. Jeff Goldman, who plays the stuttering voice of reason we all know and love. And Bill Pullman, who delivers one of cinema’s all time greatest speeches. As well as Randy Quaid, who delivers one cinema’s greatest sacrifices. Independence Day is a movie I’ll always enjoy watching every Fourth of July. It’s not perfect, but at least it’s entertaining.

The aliens blow up the White House

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