Get Off My Planet

Independence Day: Resurgence is a sequel 20 years in the making. How very disappointing. As I said in my Independence Day post, it’s flawed, but entertaining. Independence Day: Resurgence is just flawed and barley entertaining. Though I’m not sure the movie would have ever been good. Independence Day was a disaster movie about aliens invading Earth around the Fourth of July. Trying to make a sequel was a stretch to begin with. Even if it is taking place 20 years later on the same day. I saw the movie in theaters and was very unimpressed. Among very many faults. The biggest problem is the extreme lack of Will Smith. He made the first movie great, so why do it without him? Jeff Goldblum can’t do it by himself. There’s also the kind of offensive casting of different actors in the roles of the kids from the first movie. Hello, Mae Whitman is a relevant actress. And don’t get me started on the action. It’s so generic that I got bored watching it. Independence Day: Resurgence was doomed from the start. Please Hollywood, don’t make another one.


The aliens blow up a city

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