HeShe Swap

It’s a Boy Girl Thing is a british (though still set in America) movie about a boy and girl who hate each (obviously they end up together in the end). Which leads to them switching bodies. Body swap movies are actually one of my favorite sub genres of comedy. There’s just so much potential for comedy. I love seeing actors do 2 completely different performances in one movie. I stumbled upon this movie when watching a Top 10 list of the best body swap movies. So I found the movie on “Netflix” and watched it. What sets It’s a Boy Girl Thing apart from other body swap movies is the focus on gender. That hadn’t really been done in such a mature way before. They address pretty much every challenge that would come with being a girl or a boy. I have a lot of respect for women, but I’m glad I’m a guy. The movie is funny, and the romance is cute. If you have “Netflix,” then I’d recommend watching It’s a Boy Girl Thing.

Boy Girl

Woody (in Nell’s body) sits on a bench with Nell (in Woody’s body)

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