The Jets vs. The Sharks

West Side Story is the best modern retelling of the story of Romeo and Juliet. Like I’ve mentioned before, I saw this movie in my Middle School music class. 6th grade I watched Oliver!, 8th grade I watched Amadeus, and 7th grade (you guessed it) I watched West Side Story. Which was arguably the best of those Oscar winning musical movies. It’s Romeo and Juliet, but with warring gangs instead of feuding families. The music keeps the movie light enough to distract from the dark subject matter. And the romance between characters Tony and Maria is just as engaging as the Shakespeare classic. My only complaint would be the ending. Don’t get me wrong, it’s very well done and heartbreaking. Like I said before, it’s a lot like Romeo and Juliet. Which makes the decision to (SPOILER ALERT!) kill Tony and not Maria, seem wrong. But I do understand why they did it. It’s more tragic that way. West Side Story is just as relevant today as its ever been, making it a strong recommendation.

The Jets (right) face The Sharks (left)

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