How to Create the Perfect Woman

Weird Science is a John Hughes movie that usually gets mixed up with more well known movies like Sixteen Candles or The Breakfast Club. Weird Science is about two losers who decide to make their dream woman. Which in this case, requires computers, bras on their heads, and a “Barbie” doll. I’ve often thought about what I consider to be my dream woman. The movie presents this question in the weirdest possible way. Anthony Michael Hall once again plays the nerd. Bill Paxton (R.I.P.) also plays the meathead character that he is most known for. And look out for a young Robert Downey Jr. as well. The plot seems simple enough, but it takes a lot of weird turns. The woman they created somehow possesses magical powers. Which just cause all sorts of crazy situations that are likely to catch you off guard. Is it as big of a classic as the other teen movies of the decade? Not really, but it’s a whole lot of fun regardless.


Lisa makes her entrance

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