Silence is Golden

There are no words to describe The Artist. If you were to tell me that a silent film would win “Best Picture” 84 years since the last winner, I wouldn’t have believed it. Then again, Hollywood loves old Hollywood. The Artist is so simple yet so genius. I don’t usually watch silent films, but I think I should see more. The lack of sound was not a problem for me at all. I actually followed the story by creating the dialogue in my head. Turns out I knew exactly what was going on. Like Singing in the Rain, The Artist is about the transition to sound in film. Only, The Artist takes a far more literal approach by being silent and black & white. By far the best character in the movie is the dog. He’s such a good actor. All in all, The Artist is just the kind of movie that we need sometimes. Something old fashioned that feels so fresh.

The Artist

George and Peppy are finally stars

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