Yeah, Fargo is just super duper there. Fargo is another cult favorite from the Coen Brothers that I knew I had to see. It’s based on the (mostly) true events of a salesman who has his wife kidnaped in order to pay off a debt. Being a Coen Brothers movie, things go from bad to worse when the hired thugs kill a police officer. What follows is a series of violent and disturbing events that in any other movie, would have been hard to watch. The best thing about Fargo is the setting. Every character (except the thugs) speaks in a Minnesota accent. Making the movie a lot more fun to watch. I dare you to count every time they say “yeah.” Another positive is Frances McDormand as Marge Gunderson. She’s probably the most unconventional action heroine ever. She’s a married, pregnant, well mannered, police officer. Fargo is such a interesting blend. Fully deserving of all its acclaim. Yeah.

Marge catches the perp

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