So, this is My Life

Edge of Seventeen is the kind of teen movie that will go down in history. Much like Clueless, Juno, Easy A, and Mean Girls, Edge of Seventeen is the perfect female lead teen flick. It does help that Oscar nominated actress Hailee Steinfeld plays the lead. Edge of Seventeen is about an awkward teen named Nadine who loses her best friend and by extension her sanity. Nadine is the kind of girl I know I would be friends with. An old soul who can barely relate to their own generation (I’m a millennial by the way). Edge of Seventeen perfectly sums up how much teen life can suck. Having friends to make the experience more bearable is a must. It’s funny and dramatic in the best possible way. It also has likeable non-stereotyped asian costar in it. Plus I think the movie was some kind of pet project from the people who make The Simpsons. Edge of Seventeen is the coming of age tale of this generation.


Nadine contemplates suicide

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