May the Schwartz be with You

If you were to ask me what the funniest movie I ever saw is, Spaceballs would not be on the list. Seriously, I barely got a chuckle out of it. I know there are people who think it’s hilarious, but I’m not one of them. First of all, I love Star Wars. Star Wars is easily the most parodied franchise of all time. There are countless versions of Star Wars. Some that work and some that don’t. Spaceballs is in the middle. For one thing the movie came out 4 years after the franchise ended. Who cares at that point. Not that Spaceballs didn’t become iconic like Star Wars did. Spaceballs has an unusual structure for a parody. It doesn’t really look like Star Wars. Don’t get me wrong, Young Frankenstein made me laugh a lot, but Mel Brooks isn’t a comedic genius. The jokes feel lazy at times. A character randomly swearing is not funny. Not that I hate the movie. Some jokes work. Most of Dark Helmets lines are funny and the Alien parody is classic. It took me a while to watch Spaceballs, mostly because of the mixed reception. I guess if you’re as much of a fan of Star Wars as I am, Spaceballs is worth watching.

“When does this happen in the movie?”

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