Cows with Fangs

The Little Vampire sucks… blood. As I’ve said before, movies from my childhood always feel like the greatest thing in the world. Even if they’re bad. The Little Vampire is a strange case, because I saw like the first 10 minutes of the movie when I was a kid. Then I watched the entire movie as an adult. I hated this movie. I’m glad I didn’t watch the whole thing as a kid cause I wouldn’t want my child brain to enhance it in any way. The Little Vampire is about a kid who befriends a vampire. Blah blah blah vampire cows, blah blah blah vampire hunter. I liked Jonathan Lipnicki in Stuart Little and Jerry Maguire, but he misses the mark completely in The Little Vampire. The humor is lame and the effects are cheesy. So you get the picture, I didn’t like it.

The Little Vampire

Tony (left) flies with Rudolph (right)

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