The Industry’s Finest

[WARNING! EXPLICIT CONTENTBoogie Nights is perhaps the greatest pornographic movie ever made. Or at least the best movie made about the porn industry. I mean it was nominated for three Oscars. So why is a movie about bad actors who get paid to have sex so acclaimed. Well it just supports my theory that any movie can be great. As long as you have the following: good actors, good writing, and an understanding of the subject matter. Boogie Nights focuses on the golden age of porn in the 70’s. Followed by a darker more serious time in the 80’s. Each character is flawed in some way. Having their own individual problems that stem from their involvement in porn. Some have drug problems, some have marital problems, and some have confidence problems. The most notable characters being Dirk Diggler, a young “well endowed” pornstar who ran away from home. And Roller Girl, a young pornstar who never takes her skates off. This is also Burt Reynolds Oscar nominated comeback role. From what I know, Boogie Nights very accurately portrays what it’s like to work in one of the most controversial professions there is. I’m not even sure I’d say Boogie Nights has a happy ending. However, I will say that I don’t think pornstars are bad people. If they can get out of it, then I wish them luck, because nobody is beyond redemption. Making Boogie Nights the most high quality porno you could possibly watch.


Dirk Diggler (bottom) and Rollergirl (top) get ready to have sex

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