Mom’s Spaghetti

8 Mile, the 1 hour 58 minute music video for “Lose Yourself.” I don’t know if I’d consider myself a huge fan of rap, but when I hear a good rap, I really like it. Eminem is definitely up there as far as good rappers are concerned. So when I found out about this movie I was curious. Like everyone else, I knew every word to “Lose Yourself” (it even won an Oscar much to everyones surprise). Before I even saw the movie I knew it. 8 Mile is probably the best movie made by and about a specific singer. Most of the time they suck. 8 Mile manages to capture who Eminem is as a rapper and person. Turns out Slim Shady can act fairly well. Which makes me wonder why he didn’t act in more movies apart from cameos. The rap battles are probably the best part of the movie. They pop up several times in the movie and each one is more memeroble then the last. It’s definitely surprising that this movie worked. I promise you’ll lose yourself in 8 Mile.

B-Rabbit rap battles


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