The Genius of Hahvahd

Good Will Hunting is genius. As a young screenwriter, it’s impressive that Ben Affleck and Matt Damon won an Oscar for writing this (and in their early 20’s as well). Good Will Hunting is about a young Boston native who works as a janitor at Harvard college. Which is a shame cause Will Hunting is a freaking genius. The only thing holding him back is his own personal struggles. That’s where Robin Williams comes in. Williams gives an Oscar winning performance as an honest therapist. It’s a performance that shows how well he was able to achieve both comedy and drama in the same role. But let’s not forget Matt Damon’s performance. I’m still impressed that he and Affleck wrote all of those \sum_{n} x^n = (1-x)^{-1} equations. The moral of Good Will Hunting is to follow your passion. Even if you don’t end up pleasing everyone. “How do ya like them apples?”

Will (right) and his therapist (left) sit together in the park


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