4 Girls 1 Mission

John Tucker Must Die? Have you ever wanted to see a movie that you knew nobody else wanted to see? That’s how I feel about John Tucker Must Die. I’d label it a guilty pleasure. You see I grew up watching a lot of the same things all the time. I never really showed my interest in poppy teen movies until later in my life. Which is why I’ve seen John Tucker Must Die at least five times by myself. I guess I’m drawn to the whole high school experience. John Tucker Must Die is about a girl who convinces three girls in three different cliques to get back at their womanizing boyfriend. Like I said, guilty pleasure. It does have its moments, but there are a lot of problems (like acting). My biggest complaint though, would be the ending. Nobody really learns anything by the end and it feels more like an afterthought. Once again, guilty pleasure.


Kate (left center) befriends John’s ex’s

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