That’s the Story of Love

Orphan is all about accepting a new loved one into your family… until they go crazy and try to kill you. But I digress. Orphan is a horror movie about a girl named Esther who gets adopted by a family whose just lost their child. So why would a movie like this draw me in so much? Well for starters, I’m a big horror movie fan. The horror genre had been mostly slasher and found footage, so I liked the psychological horror aspect of it. The other reason is the fact that it has child actors in it. Isabelle Fuhrman is absolutely brilliant as Esther. It’s a shame she didn’t become a bigger star. She commands every scene she’s in with intelligence, innocence, and insanity. I also liked the inclusion of a girl with hearing loss. As a horror movie, Orphan strikes a balance between being both disturbing and a little comedic. And the twist was completely unexpected without feeling like a gimmick. I won’t give it away, because not everybody knows what it is. For those reasons,ย Orphan is an underrated personal favorite of mine in the field of horror.

Esther gives a vacant stare

P.S. Orphan is just a movie. Please consider adopting a child.


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