That’s the Story of Love

Orphan is all about accepting a new loved one into your family… until they go crazy and try to kill you, but I digress. Orphan is a horror movie about a Russian girl named Esther who gets adopted by a family who’ve just lost their child. So why would a movie like this draw me in so much? Well for starters, I’m a big horror movie fan. The horror genre had been mostly slasher and found footage in the late 2000’s, so I liked that it was a psychological horror film. The other reason is the fact that it has child actors in it. Isabelle Fuhrman is brilliant as Esther. She seems innocent at first, but it becomes increasing obvious that something is very wrong with her. It’s a shame the actress didn’t become a bigger star. She commands every scene she’s in with intelligence, innocence, and insanity. I also liked the inclusion of a girl with hearing loss. As a horror movie, Orphan strikes a balance between being both disturbing and a little comedic. The plot twist was completely unexpected without feeling like a gimmick. I won’t give it away though, because not everybody knows what it is. That’s why I feelย Orphan is an underrated horror film centered around an evil child.

Esther gives a vacant stare

P.S. Orphan is just a movie. Please consider adopting a child.

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