Love with a Side of Mayo

An Officer and a Gentleman is the story of a recently enlisted Navy officer named Zack Mayo, trying to make his way in the world. Along the way he meets and starts dating a local woman named Paula. The movie’s main theme is whether or not an officer can live up to predetermined expectations. As well as whether or not women who date officers are really looking for love or just using them. The struggle of training for the military is very accurately portrayed here. Louis Gossett Jr. actually won an “Oscar” for playing a drill sergeant (making him the third black actor to win an “Oscar”). Personally, I think more african americans should win for playing race neutral roles like this. The romance in the movie feels very real. And it ends with one of the greatest “grand romantic gestures” in the history of film. It also won for “Best original song.” An Officer and a Gentleman is one of those movies that can make two different genres work flawlessly together.

An Officer and a Gentleman

Zack holds Paula in his arms

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