Robo Rights

Bicentennial Man is one of a few movies that I can genuinely say that the critics got wrong. Bicentennial Man has only a 37% on “Rotten Tomatoes.” Which means its reviews were mostly negative, but the movie has gained a cult following. Bicentennial Man is one of those movies that you really have to watch before deciding its bad. Let’s look at the story. Apparently we were supposed to have robot servants by the year 2005. One robot in particular named Andrew, is recently acquired by a family. Over time they discover that Andrew might be capable of a lot more than what he was programed for. The movie then proceeds to jump ahead in time over the course of 200 years. A lot of people have a problem with this, but I think works great. Other people found the robots to be creepy looking. I thought they looked fine (even earning an “Oscar” nom for make up). The fact that Robin Williams passed away only makes his performance here feel a lot more special. I’m sure if you give it a chance, Bicentennial Man might just grow on you. I liked it as a kid and I still like it now.


Andrew looks onward

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