Stop in Time

Clockstoppers is another frequently watched movie in my Vhs collection. I actually forgot that I saw it in theaters, but I did. I was six when I saw the movie. Looking at it from an adult’s perspective, it doesn’t really hold up. Clockstoppers had early 2000s written all over it. Being a live action Nickelodeon movie doesn’t help much either. The concept of the movie is actually really good. The idea of stopping time hadn’t really been done as a full length movie before. I think I always liked the first act more than the rest of the movie. The parts of the movie where they stop time are way more interesting then whatever was actually at stake. I guess Clockstoppers is just one of those movies that I neither hate nor love. If anything, I still wish I could stop time.


Zak (left) freezes Francesca (right) in time

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