Sell Me this Pen

The Wolf of Wall Street is one of the most excessive movies ever made. It’s 3 hours long, has a f*** ton of language, several naked women, and a whole lot of drug use. If it wasn’t so f***ing popular, I probably wouldn’t have seen it as soon as I did. I’ve reviewed a few f***ing Martin Scorsese movies in the past, and I usually say the same f***ing thing. For example, the main character is so f***ing unlikable that he’s f***ing likeable. The Wolf of Wall Street is based on the true story of Jordan Belfort. A man who built a f***ing fortune in Wall Street by deceiving people and making shady business decisions. To say that the movie f***ing glorifies debauchery is an understatement. Sure this lifestyle may look like a f***ing dream life, but it comes at a cost. Leonardo DiCaprio is at his usual best and Jonah Hill earns his second f***ing Oscar nomination (seriously). Also a f***ing sexy Margot Robbie leaves a lasting impression in her first major movie. Remember it’s 3 f***ing hours long, but I promise it won’t get boring. And that the movie uses the F word 569 f***ing times (you’ll get used to it). So if you’re prepared to experience a higher standard of living, then giveย The Wolf of Wall Streetย a f***ing watch.


Naomi turns down Jordan’s advances

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