Ack Ack Ack

I’ve seen Mars Attacks! more than any other Tim Burton movie. When I was younger, I used to own it on VHS. Which meant I could watch it on a semi regular basis. Thanks to Mars Attacks! and other sci fi movies, I became obsessed with aliens. In fact, Mars Attacks! inspired two separate alien races that I created. But enough about that, how does the movie hold up. Mars Attacks! is an ensemble that features far too many celebrities for me to name. Kind of like Independence Day in its set up. Aliens invade earth, attack anything that moves, and are eventually defeated in such a weird way that I won’t dare spoil it. As a Tim Burton movie, it’s probably the brightest and most colorful. The use of CGI is also different, but it was originally meant to be stop motion. Though it may seem dated, I think the movie holds up rather well. If you want to watch a fun, nonsensical, straight forward alien invasion movie. Mars Attacks! is the movie you’re looking for.

Mars Attacks!

The Martians attack

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