Twilight with Zombies

Warm Bodies is a lot like Twilight for many reasons. Both feature a romance, both feature a young adult cast, and both feature a supernatural race that’s never looked hotter. The only difference, Warm Bodies doesn’t totally suck. Warm Bodies focuses on a zombie simply named R, who discovers a group of people who hunt zombies. Everything changes when one of the survivors named Julie makes his heart beat again. Warm Bodies is surprisingly funny and thoughtful. Something Twilight couldn’t capture with feeling creepy. When I first found out about this movie, I was skeptical. However, after watching it, I immediately liked it. I don’t see a lot of zombie movies, but the portrayal here is a welcomed diversion from the grotesque brain eaters we’re used to. If you’re in anyway interested in zombies, I highly recommend Warm Bodies.

R protects Julie

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