Who is Your Daddy, and What Does He Do?

Kindergarten Cop is the perfect blend of Arnold’s action movies and his comedy movies. Arnold Schwarzenegger plays a cop who has to go undercover as a kindergarten teacher. How could you not love this movie? Kindergarten Cop features some of Arnie’s best one liners including “it’s not a tumor”, “there is no bathroom”, and “shut up!!!” I saw many Schwarzenegger movies when I was younger, but Kindergarten Cop was the first one I saw that was sort of for children. The best thing about the movie is the children. Some of the kids even manage to upstage Arnold, they’re so hilarious. Some critics complained about the blending of genres. The fact that kids are involved in some intense situations for example. I don’t get that criticism, because it’s not like the movie is R rated. I’ve seen Kindergarten Cop many and every time I see it I have fun watching it. I think I’ve seen it more than any other Schwarzenegger movie actually. It’s fun for the whole family.

“Shut up!!!”

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