Green Power

The Meteor Man is an underrated gem (or should I say, meteor). The Meteor Man is a superhero movie with an all black cast about a teacher gaining superpowers from a meteorite. Powers which include: flight, x-ray/laser vision, superhuman strength, speed, and hearing, invulnerability, healing powers, the ability to absorb a book’s content by touch, super breath, telepathy with dogs, and telekinesis. So pretty much everything. The story is very urban friendly, with themes such as coming together as a neighborhood. The main threat in the movie is actually a gang called the Golden Lords. As a superhero, The Meteor Man is fairly standard. It’s actually the only superhero movie to be directed by the star of the movie. The powers are pretty cool, it can be funny, and the movie is filled with respectable black actors. I guess the main problem with the movie is how cheesy it can be. Its not deep or anything. The Meteor Man is just a fun original superhero movie.


Meteor Man powers up

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