Highs and Clowes

Ghost World is one of a few movies based on a comic book that isn’t about a superhero. The title is a metaphor. Ghost World actually centers on two offbeat best friends who are fresh out of high school. Most of the conflict comes from what they decide to do with their lives. Before I watch it, I did something I never did before. I actually read the comic (graphic novel) on the same day that I saw the movie. That way I could have an easier time remembering how the comic is different or similar to the movie. The movie is actually written by the Daniel Clowes, the same guy who wrote the graphic novel. It’s interesting to see what changes he made to his own story (it was actually nominated for Best Adapted Screenplay). Ghost World the movie is different, but still good. It’s funny in a weirdly relatable sort of way. Thora Birch and Scarlett Johansson star as Enid and Rebecca respectively. It’s a classic case of a star who was big at the time (Birch) getting top billing over a star who would go on to be hugely successful (Johansson). Whether you love comics or love Daria style humor, Ghost World is worth watching.

Ghost World

Enid (right) and her best friend Rebecca (left)

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