After School isn’t so Special

St. Elmo’s Fire is one of the lesser known “Brat Pack” movies. Even though it has three of the five Breakfast Club actors in it. Like I’ve said in my Pretty in Pink review, the movies that are directed by John Hughes are the best. St. Elmo’s Fire isn’t directed by Hughes. So it’s not that great. The main characters are kind of unlikable. They all have problems that they bring upon themselves. The whole movie sort of reads like a soap opera. Not to say there aren’t any good attributes about the movie. The song “St. Elmo’s Fire” is very catchy and memorable. Plus the concept of the movie is an important topic. While the 80’s mostly consisted of teen high school movies, St. Elmo’s Fire focused on what happens after high school. Sometimes your dreams don’t come true. It’s a harsh lesson, but a necessary one. It makes St. Elmo’s Fire at least worthy of a recommendation.


The gang gathered at St. Elmo’s Fire

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