Vampire Strippers

From Dusk Till Dawn wasn’t at all what I was expecting. By this point everyone knows that there are vampires in the movie. What you probably didn’t know is that the vampires don’t show up until halfway through the movie. Before then, there isn’t even a sign of the supernatural. From Dusk Till Dawn starts out like a genuine crime thriller. There’s a hostage situation and characters that would be considered bad guys. I haven’t seen many R rated Robert Rodriguez, but if they’re anything like this, I’ll have a hard time sitting through them. It didn’t really get good for me until the vampires showed up. And when they do show up, its completely out of nowhere. Which makes me think they should have tried to keep it a secret in the marketing for the film. If you like this sort of Quentin Tarantino/Robert Rodriguez style movie, then I guess I’ll recommend it. I probably won’t be seeing it again though.

From Dusk Till Dawn

Santanico Pandemonium draped in a snake

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