Warcraft is what happens when you do everything right, but still fail. Based on the online game World of Warcraft, Warcraft manages to recreate locations, characters, weapons, and even lore. What went wrong exactly? The answer is quite simple. Every single movie based on a video game is going to suck no matter what. There has never been a good movie based on a video game (ever!). Warcraft focuses on two specific races, human and orc. The humans are boring and uninteresting. The orcs on the other hand, are much more interesting. The effects look like they were taken straight out of the game. Which isn’t a bad thing cause they look pretty realistic. Unlike most video game adaptations, Warcraft was directed by someone who actually cares about the source material. So many other adaptations missed the point of the game entirely. The movie fails for being too slow, having lazy performances, and for feeling more like the set up to a franchise. And I have played World of Warcraft before. Why watch a 2 hour-long cut scene when you can play for hours on end.


Durotan of the Orc Horde

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