Scotty Doesn’t Know

EuroTrip is a trip worth taking. I actually do enjoy the occasional raunchy teen comedy with a lot of gratuitous nudity. As long as it’s done a certain way. EuroTrip does many things right in my opinion. “Scotty doesn’t know” will forever be stuck in my head. If you know what you’re getting into, then you know to expect drug, sex, and dancing robot jokes. There are lots of scenes I thought were hilarious (not every joke though). Most of which involve culture clash in many European countries. The language is actually a bit few and far between, which is a plus for me. There’s at least 12 instances of nudity in the movie, both male and female. I only had a problem with the male nudity. There’s a nude beach scene you might want to avert your eyes for. Other than that, EuroTrip is a pretty entertaining movie. Not for the easily offended.


Scotty, Jenny, Jamie, and Cooper flee a nude beach

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