Laughter is the Best Medicine

Patch Adams is bound to put a smile on your face and a tear in your eye. I’m not going to act like every movie Robin Williams did was a masterpiece. The man was a supreme talent who will forever be missed. However, I think Patch Adams deserves a reevaluation. I don’t think the reviewers saw the movie as I did. I wasn’t familiar with the real life of Patch Adams before seeing the movie. So I couldn’t watch the movie with that prior knowledge. So my review is purely based on what I saw. Hunter Adams is a suicidal man who’s just checked into a mental hospital (don’t worry, he doesn’t stay long). After gaining the nickname “Patch,” he decides to upgrade to a real hospital by applying to medical school. Patch Adams learns he has a gift for making people, especially children, laugh. Robin Williams is his usual charming self. At first you think you’re watching a purely comedic film, then suddenly *bam!* the movie gets really depressing really fast. I won’t say what happens, but I’m positive you’ll cry. Most critics gave Patch Adams a hard time for either being too sappy or not faithful enough to the source material. What’s wrong with being too sappy? I think the critics could all benefit from a little excessive happiness.

Patch Adams

Patch Adams brightens a child’s day

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