Shut Up Crime!

Super is the story of an ordinary guy who decides to become a real life superhero. If that premise sounds exactly like Kick-Ass, it’s because it is. They both have a hard R rating which includes excessive violence, swearing, and adult themes. However, Super has a quality that Kick-Ass doesn’t have. Super is completely unwatchable. In my whole life, there are only a handful of movies that are so disturbing that I refuse to ever watch again. Rainn Wilson stars as the ordinary guy who becomes a superhero. A wrench wielding nut named the Crimson Bolt. Ellen Page stars as his sidekick. Your standard offshoot of the hero. Ellen Page is the most interesting character in the movie, but it gets overshadowed by all the horrible things she has to do. Super is probably the most realistic real life superhero movie there is. A lot of what happens is what probably would happen if we had costumed characters running around. It did elicit a few laughs out of me, but it’s not enough. I find it hard to believe that this is the same guy that directed Guardians of the Galaxy. Super is just too dark and disturbing. Don’t ever watch it.


The Crimson Bolt and Boltie wait for crime

2 thoughts on “Shut Up Crime!

  1. I love it exactly because it’s dark and disturbing, but I’ve watching so many dark movies before. If you watch “Ex Drummer” or “Irreversible”, “Super” won’t seem that dark… and there’s a lot of similarities in style with “Guardians”. Did you try to watch “Defendor” with Woody Harrelson? It’s less dark and also very funny.

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