Use Your Words

Speak is proof that Kristen Stewart can act, as long as she’s in an independent movie that no one will see. I first watched the movie when I was in my Junior health class. We were discussing mental health and the effect it has on our lives. It’s based on a novel that I haven’t read, but I might read it one day. Speak deals with a girl who decides to stop talking after she was raped at a party. She hasn’t told anyone and the entire school rejects her, because she called the cops at the party. It can get really depressing. I was a very quiet and creative person when I was in school, so I can relate to that part of the movie. I said before that this movie proves Kristen Stewart can act. My entire class was yelling “Is that the girl from Twilight?” Speak is definitely not Twilight. Kristen Stewart is perfect in this role (maybe its because she barely speaks). Regardless, Speak is an important and surprisingly relevant movie for students to watch.

Melinda’s mouth is sewn shut

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