The Prince of Zamunda

Coming to America is probably my favorite movie with a primarily african american cast. There are many famous black actors in this movie. Including some that would become famous later on like Cuba Gooding Jr. and Samuel L. Jackson. Coming to America tells the story of an african prince who gets tired of all his privilege. Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall both play multiple characters. Each one more hilarious than the last, but my favorite is the old jewish man. Coming to America is filled with iconic moments, from Soul Glo to McDowell’s restaurant. Under the surface is a sweet romance that feels like it could happen in real life. James Earl Jones and Madge Sinclair play the king and queen and the king wears a lion skin in one scene. Which went on to inspire The Lion King. There’s also a cameo from two characters in Trading Places. I watched Coming to America before Trading Places, so I didn’t get the joke the first time. All in all, Coming to America is a hilarious yet sincere comedy about royalty.


Prince Akeem and Semmi arrive in New York

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