Sink into the Floor

Get Out was a surprise hit nobody saw coming. I was very familiar with Jordan Peele after watching many segments of Key & Peele. However if you told me that a stand-up comic’s directorial debut would become one of the most acclaimed horror movies in recent memory (and win for Best Original Screenplay), I’d say you were crazy. I guess you can’t judge a book by its cover. Which turns out to be the moral of the movie. Get Out is a psychological horror movie with more atmosphere and less blood. The main theme of Get Out is race (obviously). A black man named Chris meets the parents of his white girlfriend Rose. Everything starts out relatively normal, but you can tell something is up. All the black people in town act strangely and everyone else is too inviting. Apparently it’s supposed to be some kind of an allegory for white progressives being secretly racist. Jordan Peele does a scary good job of foreshadowing events to come. Get Out has been labeled a comedy, but there’s really only one character trying to be comedic. Chris’ horror savvy friend from the TSA. The horror on the other hand is very unsettling. The first clue is when one of the unusual black men screams “GET OUT!!!” Then everything becomes clear when it turns out Rose and her family are using black people as human puppets. Daniel Kaluuya has plenty of range, but I swear Allison Williams’ sharp character turn feels like her soul left her body. While I do feel like Get Out might have been a little over praised, it’s still a well crafted social horror film that leaves an impression.

Film Title: Get Out

“You’re paralyzed”

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