Worst Birthday Ever

Happy Death Day is the only time I’ve ever gone to see a movie on a whim. More so, because I never go to see horror movies in theaters. Although it is PG-13. Along with comedies, horror movies never felt like they were worth a theater going experience. Happy Death Day first caught my attention when I saw its TV spots. I took notice of the time loop storyline and that at least made me curious. Then I realized October was going to be a mostly scarce month for movies. The other two movies I saw this year wear disappointments, so I needed to redeem the year. Happy Death Day has a time loop, an attractive lead, and it was Friday the 13th, so I figured why not. It was a good idea, because Happy Death Day is a lot of fun. Tree (short for Theresa) is your typical selfish college girl who sleeps around and parties. She wakes up on her birthday and lives out her day. Which consists of waking up in a guy’s dorm room, walking to her sorority, and attempting to attend her birthday party. Until she is suddenly killed by a killer in a black hoodie and baby mask (Babyface?). The “time loop” plays out just like Groundhog Day. With Tree first being confused, then having a breakdown, then doing whatever she wants, and finally improving her life. Though the best thing about the movie is easily Jessica Rothe’s performance. Tree is funny, smart, and eventually badass. Since Tree can’t die it puts an interesting spin on the horror genre. By having her solve her own murder. Happy Death Day was a very pleasant surprise.


Tree (right) doesn’t realize the killer (left) is behind her

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