Long Distance Relationship

Sleepless in Seattle is the very definition of “long distance relationship.” I’d even go so far as to call it the ultimate date movie. How do you make a romance out of two people who don’t share any screen time? Sleepless in Seattle brings together Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan for the second time. Tom Hanks plays a single father who recently moved to Seattle after his wife died. Meg Ryan plays a Baltimore woman who’s currently engaged. The title Sleepless in Seattle, is the name a talk-radio host gives Tom Hanks’ character when his son calls in to find a new wife for his father. Meg Ryan’s character hears the show and falls in love with him. It’s romantic, but not very realistic. We’d all like to fantasize about falling in love with someone hundreds of miles away. Ironically Sleepless in Seattle’s most iconic moment doesn’t take place in Seattle. It actually takes place in New York. Where a meeting is arranged by the son. Sleepless in Seattle creates a feeling of longing that I think we can all relate to. Whether we’ve found our soulmate or not.

Sleepless in Seattle

Sam and Annie meet atop the Empire State Building

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