You’ve Got Mail is so dated yet so timeless. This is what happens when a movie takes a modern convenience and builds a story around it. Even though You’ve Got Mail is based on a book about two people who meet by sending letters. The movie modernizes it by using email. Little did they know, nobody would be using AOL decades later. You’ve Got Mail is the third movie starring both Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan. They actually get to share scenes together, but the plot is actually kind of similar to Sleepless in Seattle. In particular, having a love story between two people who don’t realise the connection they have. They don’t realise that they’ve been emailing and falling in love with their enemy. You’ve Got Mail dated itself using AOL, but made itself timeless by using the internet to find love. I think You’ve Got Mail actually predicted online dating. You’ve Got Mail isย a little cheesy, but kind of sweet as well.

Joe (left) and Kathleen (right) meet in a coffee shop

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