Hey Malkovich, Think Fast!

Being John Malkovich is probably the weirdest movie ever made. I mean who comes up with an idea like this. I’ll attempt to explain it, but it’s really out there. A struggling puppeteer named Craig finds work at an office. This particular office is on floor 7Β½, which has a very low ceiling. Eventually, Craig discovers a hidden door in the building that’s a portal into the mind of actor John Malkovich. You get to spend 15 minutes as him until you’re ejected from the New Jersey turnpike. Like I said, the movie is extremely weird, but trust me it gets weirder. Craig’s wife Lotte becomes obsessed with the process and develops feelings for a woman named Maxine whom Craig is also attracted to. Leading to one of the weirdest love triangles in movie history. Being John Malkovich was always written with John Malkovich in mind. However, it could have been a different actor if he said no. I couldn’t imagine anyone else in the role though. John Cusack and Cameron Diaz are both made to look unattractive. Catherine Keener who plays Maxine actually got an Oscar nomination. Despite its weirdness, Being John Malkovich earned a lot of acclaim. You really have to see it to believe it.


John Malkovich enters his own mind

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