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Happy Halloween everyone! Trick ‘r Treat has Halloween written all over it. Which is why I chose to review it for today. As Halloween movies go, this one is filled with candy, costumes, and jack-o’-lanterns. It’s also filled with a bunch of horror tropes that any fan will enjoy. Trick ‘r Treat was actually a direct-to-video movie. Which is ashame, because the movie is much better than most movies released exclusively on video. It’s also an anthology film. So I’m going to review each storyline separately.

Opening – The film opens with a couple who’ve just come home from a Halloween festival. The wife makes the mistake of blowing out a jack-o’-lantern before midnight. The best thing about this story is how well it sets up the movie. It sets up the horror and underlined humor that the rest of the movie does well.

“The Principal” – The first story follows an unassuming principal who hides a dark secret. One involving trick-or-treaters and candy. The best thing about this story is Dylan Baker’s performance. I would easily call him the best character in the movie. This storyline is definitely the most humorous.

“The School Bus Massacre Revisited” –  The second story is about a group of kids who visit the site where a bunch of kids drowned in a bus crash. They use jack-o’-lanterns as an offering to lure out the ghosts of the kids. The kids (one in particular) are rather likeable. The story within a story even sounds like a real urban legend. This storyline has the most clever mystery element.

“Surprise Party” – The third story details a group of teenage girls going to a bonfire party. Anna Paquin plays a virgin dressed as Red Riding Hood who attends the party. This story has one of the more shocking outcomes. I won’t say what happens, but lets just say it involves werewolves. This storyline easily covers a horror movies much needed sex appeal.

“Meet Sam” – The fourth and final story is the one that finally addresses who that creepy trick-or-treater in the burlap sack is. A character who appears periodically throughout every character’s storyline. He terrorizes an old man (played by Brian Cox) in his house. Which leads to a one on one fight between both characters. This storyline gives us the best suspense.

In Conclusion, Trick ‘r Treat has humor, mystery, sexuality, and suspense. All the elements of a great horror movie. Each storyline is told in a nonlinear way. So every story happens at the same time, but in different perspectives. The film also makes great use of comic book visuals. Trick ‘r Treat is a Halloween movie that you should definitely check out. Happy Halloween, stay safe!

Trick r Treat

Sam sits by a Jack-O’-Lantern

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