Naughty Nick

What’s wrong with you Nickelodeon? Fun Size is everything that Nickelodeon should never be. Nickelodeon has never shied away from innuendos and mature themes. In fact, I think it’s why I like their shows more than anything on the Disney Channel. However, Nickelodeon still has a reputation that needs to be maintained (or risk the wrath of angry parents). Fun Size just goes too far in trying to tarnish it. It takes place on Halloween and stars Victorious star Victoria Justice. She’s pretty much the only character who doesn’t swear or use dirty jokes. Fun Size is filled with dirty jokes like a giant mechanical chicken humping a car. You can tell that they’re trying to emulate raunchy teen comedies from the 80’s. Nickelodeon just shouldn’t have released a PG-13 movie like this and still market it to kids on their network. They didn’t even get permission to use the costumes seen in the movie. Plus, Johnny Knoxville plays a big role in the movie and doesn’t even get credited. Fun Size is more trick than it is treat.


“The chicken scene”

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